Friday, March 12, 2010

blog candy in the making

Wow! I now have 14 followers! And i received 5 comments in my previous entry.  It's so fun and so encouraging.  I'll prepare a blog candy that I'll share when my followers turned 20!  It's gonna be like a celebration for having 20 lovelies thinking my blog is worth following.  thank you lovelies!  I am touched.

Here are some pretties before i go to my regular (monthly) board meeting this afternoon.

xoxo, ails

ps. sources of the images unknown. please comment if you know their original source. thanks!


  1. altered books are so amazing... And there are many who creates loads of it :)

  2. I agree. The image above is so inspiring Jas. I'll check the web for more of this art. ^_^

  3. The image of the elephant is a sketch that was drawn by Kurt Halsey Fredriksen. His website is :)

    I like your blog, btw!