Monday, March 15, 2010

Sharing LOTSA Blog Candies!

Hello lovelies!

I haven't had time to blog so i'll just share some SUPER SWEET blog candies! Yay! Check my left sidebar for my new feature - BLOG CANDIES! Sweet, right? Check out their blogs and join. Click on the giveaway pictures to visit their blogs. 

I can't wait to have 20 followers so i can have my first ever blog candy too!  The thought gives me butterflies! (EDIT: There are 3 duplicates in my followers, all are my real-life friends!  ^_^ So i'll raise the number to 23 just to make the 20 followers unique for the random draw.  Hmm... i better start gathering candies now that another lovely has followed me! I'm so excited!)

loves, ails

P.S.  Here are some of the things inspiring me today... ^_^

i want to travel the world (image from tumbler)
with my love  (i forgot the image source)

and this one is inspiring me for a special project on my May wedding!

xo, ails


  1. oh your blog is so cute!!
    i love all the blog candy! how fun!
    and i love that first picture!

  2. Thank you Chelsea! ^_^ Your candy is on my sidebar too already. ^_^