Monday, November 22, 2010

positive news

Hello! Hello! Hello! :)

On the weekend of Pacquiao's fight with Margarito,  I was toooooo lazy and sleepy.  I spent my days (and nights) lying around and sleeping.  I was a bad nanny to Seth that weekend for I fell asleep faster and longer than he did in his cradle.  But my mom didn't mind.  She was hoping that I was showing signs of something good.  And true enough.  I got 2 lines on my test! :) Wow! We're so excited! 

But I haven't been to an OB yet.  I'm scheduled to visit on Wednesday.  I hope everything's perfect inside of me.  Now, my life is no longer mine so I have to be very careful and mindful of what I eat and do.  I want this baby to be healthy and strong.  I have some fears aside from the excitement.  But I am very happy.  And I feel so blessed for this wondrous early Christmas gift from above.  :)

On the other news, the shop construction is almost finished.   
the leftmost stall is my parents'.  They're gonna sell pots and plants.  The next one which is slightly bigger than my parents' is mine.  hubby and i are gonna sell handicrafts and gift items.  the 2-storey is my little sister's.  She's our baker and she'll be offering pizza, pan de sal, pasta, and other pasalubong like our special macaroons (since 1990), yema, pulvoron, and tarts.  the painted one on the right is the existing restaurant which is now my brother's.
I am asking the carpenter to make me a shelf (almost) like this from Crate & Barrel.  I hope he can.  Our inventory as of now is still small.  We are still working on a lot of things for the shop.  Well, the shop is not really made to keep me and hubby from practicing our professions as librarians.  Not yet, for now.  It is being put up to have an outlet for our crafts and to draw more traffic to the restaurants.

Too much excitement has made me sooo unproductive with crafting lately.  But this blog entry is a sign that my muse is somewhat coming back to me now.  :)  Tomorrow, i plan to start a journal specifically for my pregnancy.  And I hope to create Holiday cards too!  :) Wish me luck! :)


  1. congratulations to you both, Ails and Seal, I'm glad about the news :) don't worry to much if your a little unproductive because soon you'll have loads of inspiration to craft again... take care :)

  2. Thank you Jas! I'm already brewing some crafts in my mind. i can't wait to start! :D

  3. woah ails! dreams coming true... i like the shelf, ang ganda! Goodluck!