Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend is for the family - Perry reading his book at 4 months

I've always wanted to take our family pictures doing the things we love.  And this picture below is one of them.

This photo shoot is unplanned - no make-up, no props, no dress up.  Hubby and I just grabbed the chance that Perry was awake and playful last night, Nov 10, 2011.  I can't believe that my very tiny baby boy is now 4 months and 6 days old!

On the other news, Perry's first dresser is already too small for his little things.  So this afternoon, hubby and I bought him a new cabinet.  Good thing we left our baby to his Lola (grandma) because a funny little accident happened while we were parking at the mall plus we had to remove the backseat on the way home because our car was too small for his new cabinet.  Perry would have been very uncomfortable if he was with us.

As much as possible, I want to bring Perry wherever I go, especially during weekends.  We only get to take care of him during weeknights.  So I love weekends because I have 3 nights and 2 whole days to spend with my hubby and my baby. :D


  1. Thank you Janice! If plans will push through, we could meet this week - with Perry. I'll tell you more when it's final. :)

  2. Ohmygosh, this is the sweetest!! :) he he. We're pretty much all bookworms in my family, too, so I loooove this! :)