Friday, March 12, 2010

my NCM's first

Since February, all i ever did was crochet these granny circles.  Today, I finally got to create something with paper! Hooray!

This card is for our former housemate's wedding this Saturday. Now i feel great!  I thought i had lost my mojos!  This card is very simple but I made it with love and with the available materials in my stash right now.  

- green cardstock from All About Scrapbooking
- yellow cardstock manually embossed with Fiskar's leaves template (a gift from Claire)
- rikrak
- green & flower buttons
- Prima flowers (gifts from Claire)
- brads 
- stamp - cake from Love, Elsie's Betty set
- ColorBox pigment ink - Peony
- Leeho Pastel glitter glue in yellow

Good night lovelies!



  1. Wonderful projects Ails! Makes me miss crocheting. I should make a crochet project this NCM :)

  2. Your card looks just great dear friend. MAybe it´s kepet simple, but oh soooo lovely, and I´m sure the reciever will love it too, as you can feel the love in making it. Great work hun.

  3. It´s a nice card, and the love in it is the best!

  4. ails.. granny circles pala to... malinis ang work mo .... inggit naman ako..aminin ko na talaga na di ko carry ang crochet ..

    love ur card.. thanks for showing the use of the fiskars plates.. will copy ur idea..

  5. I love your granny circles and your color scheme seems to be your wedding motif :)

  6. @ Joan - Thanks Joan, I enjoy the variety of projects you present us daily this NCM. And yes, I miss your crochet projects too like the crocheted dress you made before for your Pullip. ^_^

    @Maryann - Thank you Maryann dear! ^_^

    @ Ardilla - Thank you and I followed you too! I love your cards!

    @ Gie - Thanks dear! I still owe you a drawing of your hubby. ^_^

    @ Jas - It is! I'm planning something with these circles. My initial plan was to include these in the invites but the idea was kinda corny, especially the words! so we (hoseal and i) decided to just stick with the proper use of these circles for our reception. ^_^

  7. nice card..i remember my wedding colors too.