Monday, October 19, 2009

my Smena

i'm so sorry but this is a late post.

I received a package last Friday (Oct 17) and it's one of the things that make my heart pump a little faster. hihi. I just love presents!

This time, i received a camera straight from Russia!

My DBF bought it on ebay. It is so beautiful! I got to play with it last weekend. Happiness! ^_^

I'm just so happy that this is pure mechanical so i won't have to worry about batteries.

For my first film, I'm glad that I got 15 pics from my 12-shot film. Unfortunately, the photo lab (Photoline - The Block, SM North) didn't print my photos as is and also ruined my negatives. But nevertheless, I'm still so over excited seeing my first shots from my new 'old Smena' *giggle*

Here are some of my shots from the scanned negatives coz these look much better than the printed ones...

wrong focus ^_^

accidental double-exposure creating ghosts


i love old-looking pics

wrong framing ^_^

^_^ he's happy to see me having fun with his lovely gift

wrong framing again. needs more practice ^_^

my Hoseal is better than me at this

lovely family (Tom missing in the pic)

aren't these pics wonderful? i'm excited to buy my new film!


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