Monday, October 19, 2009

lovely and fun-filled weekend

This weekend, my dear BF and I have been very busy learning the process of silk screen printing on our own. We searched and watched the process in You Tube the whole week, and I'm proud to say that we were successful on our first try! Yay! DBF made this T-shirt design for our restaurant. I was thankful my mom approved it right away so last saturday morning, we started creating our frame. We used photo emulsion to impress the image on the silk screen. We were quite surprised and happy that all went well and so easily. We realized that we didn't really need to attend a 9.5k workshop to learn this stuff. we just needed to try and experiment on our own. We made 96 t-shirts in 4 hours. So happy!

This project is part of our Little Arty Indie shop. Our first customers in Silk Screen Printing are mostly my relatives. hee hee. Coz you see, my aunts (and Mom) are all businesswomen and every Christmas, they give T-Shrit giveaways to their customers. We have 800 more shirts waiting in line. Plus some umbrellas and canvass totes too. We'll be very busy every weekend coz we only print in the province.

What i love most about this project is that my BF and I had SUPER FUN doing it! ^_^ my parents were so proud of us that they even call other prospective clients to hire our services. hihihi aren't they sweet?

On the other news, I finally get to see Ashee's little babies last Friday!

They melt my heart! They are so tiny and fragile and sooooo super cuddly! But I didn't touch them when i first saw them coz i had colds. I was thankful that yesterday (Sunday), I was back to being healthy again (maybe because of too much fun silkscreen printing last saturday) so I finally dared eneter their makeshift home beside our house. My dad doesn't like pets inside our house so my brother made this makeshift home for the little pups. Ashee can jump over the gate when she wants to roam around but we always discourage her coz you see, no one will look after her little pups except for my Mojito, who is their male neighbor. but Ashee is a "Jeproks" mom according to my mom coz she loves roaming around on day time. hee hee. we think that she sometimes forgets that she has little puppies waiting for her tender love and care. he he But she is a very sweet little mom during the night coz we never see her leave the pups in the dark. Ohhh... writing all these makes me miss them soooo much that i want tomorrow be Friday again... :(


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