Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday!


It's Monday and I'm back to work. It would have been lovely if my work is my hobby - crafting. But it's not so i try to make the most of my time enjoying work by surfing my fave blogs from time to time, especially now that Facebook has been blocked in the office.

Little Arty Indie has been very busy last weekend. As you all know, LAI is no other than me and my dear Kool. ^_^ We were able to print 251 shirts yesterday in under 4 hours! Yay! We're getting better and faster with every batch of shirts.

LAI already received a lot of orders and I just want to list them down here so I won't forget. ^_^
  • 13 Coffee huggers (WDPL - for Christmas)
  • 42 Coffee huggers (JL - Nov 15)
  • Gift boxes for the 40 Coffee Huggers (JL - Nov 15)
  • Handcrafted cards for George's baptism (last week of Nov or 1st week of Dec)
  • T-shirt Printing (SR - December)
  • T-shirt Printing (AR - December)
  • T-shirt Printing (MR - December)
  • T-shirt Printing (MTVA - December)
  • T-shirt Printing (AF KMAC - Nov 30)
  • pending number of Coffee huggers for Ate Elai's
I also received an order for a Camera Hugger for D60 but I had to turn it down coz I don't have a mold for it. :( *sad*

Aside from that order list, I also have a to do list for Christmas. It's getting nearer and nearer and I can already feel it in the air. And every time i get chills from the cold wind of this "ber month" i am pressured for not doing the things on my list! It's really hard having an 8-5 job plus your own little online shop of handcrafted items. But I am definitely enjoying every challenge that we encounter. ^_^


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