Monday, August 19, 2013

Everyone's Vision Petron : National Student Art Competition

Hello lovelies!

Thirteen (13) Art Club members joined the Everyone's Vision Petron : National Student Art Competition. The deadline of submission of entries was last August 16, 2013 but we submitted theirs last Tuesday, August 13, at the Project Secretariat Office in Makati City. Below are just samples of the students' artworks.

 We left Laguna around 11 am, so we stopped by Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center to eat our lunch - picnic style. :D  I didn't know there's a lagoon in there!  We took some fun photos, of course.

 We reached the Project Secretariat Office 30 minutes before 5pm.  Good thing they closes at 7.  

Then we stopped by Megamall to view some art galleries.  We were lucky because 2 artists were opening their exhibits at 7 pm that day! I like their style.  Buhay Mendoza has that Heavy Metal effect on me that I really, really love.  While Neemo calls the child in me for his fun and kyut monster art.  I really hope that their exhibits inspire the art club members to find their own style and to dream of having their own show there someday.

This trip with the art club members has been really fun and exciting.  It was also very refreshing for me.  Its good to be in the company of those who love and create art. :D 


  1. I really really love their story... They admire me so much.. :) hahaha

  2. Thanks for this wonderful write up. I really appreciate that.