Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Coptic or Chain Stitch Binding with the LSPU Art Club

Last month, a group of college students from the Laguna State Polytechnic University asked me to be their adviser in the art club that they are forming.  I was excited!  I couldn't say no to that request.  So I took the initiative to prepare the necessary documents.  The students met last  July 18 to finalize the club's constitution and bylaws and to elect their officers.  And so the club was born.  I was happy and very proud of the art club members for taking this step.  Now all we have to do is get it recognized by the Office of the Student Affairs and Services.

Then last Thursday, August 1, I taught them how to make their own journal with the use of coptic or chain stitch binding.  Only 13 students arrived that late afternoon because there happens to be a big event at the university at the same time.  Those who came were excited for their first lesson, so we started the activity even if there were so few of them.  

I provided them with handouts with colored photographs of the step by step process.  It's up to them to put their own notes on the process.  I also lent them 8 of my curved needles for sharing.  That's all i could find in the market.  We also made use of the empty electric fan box for the cover boards.

It was my first time teaching a craft to a class of college students.  It was a fun experience for me.  I hope they enjoyed the class too.  I hope to become a better teacher after a year because through this. :D  Our next activity would be drawing portraits.  Some members volunteered to teach this.  I will be part of the class this time so I'm really excited!  Our assignment is to draw a portrait and show it to our "teachers" so they can assess our skill in portraiture. I'm excited for next week! Yay!

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