Thursday, March 08, 2012

Aurora by Melacacia {Swoon}

I found her on ebay and I die!

Click here to bid for her.  It's closing in 17 hours. I wish I could adopt her...


  1. Hi Aileen,
    I would like to have her too but I can't for 2 reasons:
    1)I have a boat load of blythes.
    2)Her dolls usually cost a lot of money.

    Oh my mom also buy herself a doll that was made by Melacacia.And nobody have to buy a doll that made by her.You can buy a doll that was made by her from somebody else that's selling her for cheap.

    1. Hi Semeeah! Aurora's winning bid was $2,246! That's a lot of money. That's like a quarter of a year's pay for me. Your mom's really lucky for having a Melacacia art doll. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Her new mother/father is really so lucky for having her.