Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playing with Cardboard Boxes - "Dyna Maxx"

I want to share with you a story that happened on a lazy Saturday  morning (February 16, 2013 to be exact).  This story is about "Dyna Maxx." 

That morning, Perry, the little one, woke up crying.  He was restless for some reason that we couldn't understand.  It was a lazy day, meaning we didn't have any schedule or a major task to accomplish that day, so I thought of building Perry a car to play with and hoped that it will ease his restlessness. The moment I picked up 2 big cardboard boxes, Perry's attention shifted instantly towards them.  Can a toddler (1 yr 7 mos) already imagine things out of cardboard boxes? Because Perry wanted to play with the boxes right away.

So even before having breakfast, we (Mr and Mrs) started working on 2 cardboard boxes that I requested the day before from my cousin who has a grocery store.  Yes, this is premeditated but unscheduled.  I've been inspired by some of the pictures I saw on Pinterest and I rememberd how I used to play with cardboard boxes when I was little.  I even made a dollhouse and doll furniture out of boxes. 

Anyway, while we were working, the little one was trying to help.  He's been picking up cardboard  pieces and acted as if he was attaching it to the piece we are working on.  He was sooo cute and adorable but we didn't took photos because we were all busy "working."  I also wasn't able to take a step by step photo of building a cardboard car.  So I will only be sharing the final pictures of our wonderful creation. :-)
Here's the little one checking the car if everything is working perfectly.  I haven't finished attaching the wheels here.

 And here is the finished car!  It has a rotating steering wheel, 4 rotating wheels, a gas tank door that also leads to the trunk. haha I used rolled pieces of cardboard to support the car seat.  I wasn't able to put a seat belt. lol

We called it Perry's "Dyna Maxx" car!  Because it was made out of a Maxx and a Dynamite candy boxes. With just 2 boxes and a masking tape, we were able to build a nice car for our little one.  We had lots of fun and laughter building this.  I hope that even at his very young age, my son will remember this really fun and creative day someday.

Until now, "Dyna Maxx" is still alive and still entertaining Perry, his cousin, and some friends.  It already had a wheel repair and a broken windshield but it is still living up to its promise.  It even carried both my son and my nephew once!

And just this morning, I saw my little one watching cartoons on tv while sitting and eating inside his Dyna Maxx, à la drive-in theater. lol My next cardboard project for Perry will be bigger than this.  But it won't be  soon.  I'll let Dyna Maxx take all the glory it could receive before I start building something that will surely replace him in the limelight.

Have you done something like this too? Share me the link to your cardboard creations thru the comment section so I could check it out. Let's share love and inspiration! :-)


  1. That's a very nice weekend project you have there. I have some extra cardboard boxes for sale, and I think I'm going to make a cardboard "car" for my toddler too. Your photos would definitely help. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Sylvia. Enjoy making your cardboard car! :D <3

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