Thursday, February 28, 2013

Travel Thursday - Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna

Isdaan is first and foremost a restaurant.  But it is also a world in its own right.  When I was there, time seemed to stop and I was happily trapped in a wonderful place.

The whole family (my side) went there last February 3, 2013 as an advance birthday celebration for daddy.  My parents have been there in a number of times already and they kept telling us that we, especially our tots, will have a great time there.  So we all went there one Sunday afternoon.  

It was my first time so yes, I've been amazed by how big the place was.  It was full of statues of different sizes and themes.  There are statues of people like Obama and Michelle, Cory Aquino and Joseph Estrada, among others.  There are also statues of cartoon characters (superheroes, Disney characters, & even Angry Birds), of animals, and of Buddha and mermaids. There are also lots and lots of fountains that are made prettier at night because of the lights. That's why we went there before dinnertime.

Aside from all those eye candies,  I can say that it has the nicest floating huts I've ever been to.  One wouldn't worry that his/her foot will get caught in between 2 bamboo poles as he/she walks on the raft, like my experience in Palaisdaan in Quezon.  One can also really feel and enjoy the privacy of each hut because of its design.  There is also a big restaurant space if dining with a very large group or if one prefers to see and meet new people.

The place also offers some activities like feeding fishes, boating, and bicycling for the kids while waiting for the food or even after eating.  There are a number of play areas for the kiddos to enjoy.  And there are numerous entertainers inside like a singing group, a uni-cyclist, or a giant mechanical man.  

As for the food, I think the prices are fair.  It's cheap considering the activities and entertainment one gets from the place alone.  But it's a bit pricey if you're just there for the food.  There are other restaurants serving better tasting food for the same price if that's what you are just looking for.  But I really really LOVE Isdaan's "pinakbet."  If ever you are eating there, remember to order their "pinakbet." It's Superb!

Will I go back there?  Definitely, YES!  

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