Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breadcrumbs Project 366 : Day 33 - 36

Seems to me like this will be the last Breadcrumbs that I will post.  This has been saved in my drafts far too long already.  I will just go back to my blog posting routine.  My breadcrumbs, or "blessings" are always reflected in my posts anyway.   

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 36

Still felt tired. What's so tiring about what happened was the stress.  And of course, it's not easy   carrying a very heavy and still bleeding heart.  I wonder how long is the mourning period for lost treasures like "books"?  I love books, especially in print format.  Our iPad can't replace the old book smell that is so addictive.  It is also the reason why we put our library inside our bedroom. 

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 35

Our house is still very messy.  Poisons were drilled into the wood.  Saved books and clothes were in disarray.  But we didn't clean and put them back into order today.  Instead, we (hubby, Perry, & me) joined my parents in Sun Star Mall late in the afternoon.  We had to unwind to keep our sanity from all the stress.  We didn't buy anything at the mall but groceries.  The feeling of replacing our lost treasures was still at bay.  We need to secure the safety of our other collections first before collecting printed books once again.   

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 34

Too tired.  I still could not get over with what happened yesterday.  I went to work with a very heavy heart.  Needless to say, I was unproductive.  Also, I was supposed to meet Janice today in Manila but I cancelled yesterday because we had to look for a professional to treat our termite infested house.  

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 33

My heart bled so much today.  Termites ate their way up to my heart so bad that I cried.  I haven't even started blogging about my treasures yet here they were, burned to control the sickness crawling and growing inside them.

funeral pyre of the books we loved 

Some pictures of the treasures we burned : B.B.King in London vinyl record jacket (we saved the record - somehow); my thesis; some classics; Neil Gaiman; Harry potter; Stephen Donaldson; Lois Lowry; Carl Sagan; David Morrell; Tao of Pooh (I think they love this so much); Terry Goodkind.  

In the pictures, you can only see the very nice cover of the books.  But when you look inside, you'll find those creepy, pesteng termites crawling and eating the pages of our treasures.  We burned almost the whole library of our favorite authors and novels that were really heavily damaged by termites.  It was really painful because we collected these treasures for 15 long years.  We were able to save so very few.  

What we did nearly break my heart into million pieces.  But it's the only way we could think of to control the pest from spreading.  Another creepy thing, I saw them termites, slowly starting to crawl their way from our wall to my study table where my craft supplies were stored. We were able to stop them, though. If we were a day late in discovering them, they might have eaten my craft papers and craft mags/books too.  

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