Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cardmaking for Christmas 2011

I've skipped on my Weekend Baking and Wednesday Blythe because my mind has shifted towards cardmaking.  Well, I'm still at the coloring stage so i'll only be sharing pictures of the images I'm currently working on.

These images are from a dear friend.  I am having sooooo much fun coloring them because of their cuteness!

I am using Faber Castell colored pencils, yellow glitter glue (it's the only one I've got), and pink glittery gel pen.  

What holiday preparations are you starting now? We've only got 40 days left before Christmas! 


  1. I'm so happy that you have finally used the Bratz digital images. Can't wait to see your cards with these gorgeous girls hehehehehehehehehehe

  2. Thanks Jewels! They really are gorgeous and sooo fun to color! I'll do my best to finish the cards this weekend. Perry demands more attention now. He loves to be cradled most of the time. And his sleep time is getting shorter too so we play whenever he's awake. I have very little time to craft after office now. hehe

  3. That's the start Ails =) I've been there and done that ika nga hehehehehehehehehe - you will totally be exhausted Ails but good thing you have a helper coz in my case here in Sweden we're on our own so imagine the puyats and pagod I had plus breastfed Joseph for 3 years as in to the last drop kaya matindi ang aking pinagdaanan.

  4. Wow! 3 years! I envy you coz I didn't have milk. :( we tried almost everything (except the machine pump coz it's expensive). I even took Natalac 2x a day but still no milk was produced. :(

    Yeah it's really easy when the househelp/nanny is here. I do not have to worry about washing the laundry and ironing. :) On saturdays, I take care of Perry while she is washing the laundry. then when she's done, I can craft as she takes care of my baby. But only during Saturdays because Sunday is her day-off and I let her go home every night. She doesn't stay in our house. :)

  5. Oh, these are so cute!! Awesome coloring job!

  6. Thanks a lot Michelle! I really appreciate your encouragements :D