Sunday, October 24, 2010

NOT a pretty sight

I'm back!

As promised, I'll be showing you my new craft space.  So I thought, I'd let you see some parts of the house where my hubby and I live right now.

This is my mom's ancestral house.  It used to be pure wood but my Aunt, who owns the house now, decided to have it elevated because of flood that regularly happens 2-3 times a year during typhoons.  All it needs right now is to be painted...

and a little interior re-designing. :D

My aunt is now above 70 years old and I am happy to share that she has the same hobbies like me. She loves miniatures and she has a Barbie collection.  She even took care of my old Barbie dolls.  She returned one of mine just recently.  It's a Takara doll that dad bought me in Japan when I was little. I'll introduce her in another post.  My aunt sews really good, 'coz sewing used to be one of her job while she was studying high school and college.  She sews Barbie clothes and lots of other household stuff.  I'd be glad to show you some other time the lovely treasures I have found in the old house.

Hubby and I now occupy one of the rooms on the 2nd level.  It's just enough to fit His computer and My craft stuff.  We could occupy another room for those if we choose to.  But for now, since the whole house is unpainted yet, I prefer that we keep all our 'important' stuff in our bedroom.

This is my part of the room...
 except for the weights, of course.
This is my table top.  I still have a lot of unfinished projects.  Like that 2 binders on the right.  Those are from my online classes that I haven't finished yet.  My stamps collection are also here along with the Goo Gone, Prima flowers, glue, and pencils.  The boxes contains some ribbons.
This left drawer contains my journaling and coloring pens, crop-a-dile, stamp pads, acrylic block, edge puncher, shape punchers, some paper tapes, glue sticks, and a pregnancy test (so totally out of place here).

The right drawer contains crayons, Japanese tapes and masking tapes, more flowers, embroidery floss, buttons, and other embellishments.
The file box contains all my papercraft magazines, craft books and some craft magazines I've won this year from Katie.  It also has some of my projects made.
 The lower drawer contains files and photography magazines that I have yet to arrange.  The BIG plastic box contains my 12x12 paper stacks and boards - most are Kleir's craft gifts, and some of my new craft purchases.

And this bookshelf has been a total mess for 4 months now.  My aunt positioned it beside our bed but I will transfer it near my craft table.  The top layer contains my textile and felt stacks.  The second layer is my Blythe house, for now.  Just yesterday, I saw an unused shelf in my Aunt's room that can pass for a doll house.  It was her dolls' before she bought a new one with glass doors.  The 3rd layer has my Smena and some of hubby's camera stuff.  The fourth layer has some of my yarns, Blythe's clothes, ribbons, Blythe hangers & stuff.

These are the things needed organization in my room.  Hubby and I plan to paint it by ourselves, and the whole house too one part at a time.  We wanted our room white to suit our wood furniture and fixtures.  What do you think? I'd like to hear your thoughts. :)



  1. Yippee! Ails its about time na to make some creations. Cge ka baka tuluyan nang maglaho ang muse mo :-).
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving sweet comment.
    It's about time that you use those things. I am planning to have a bigtime blog candy and the giveaways will be so yummy. You gotta join girl, you can't missed it this time.
    Take care and I really missed talking to you. Dami ko nang hinde nakukwento sa iyo. New house ka na with hubby and so happy about the preggy test. Hope, it will turn out positive soon. I know how much you want a baby... Anyways, goodluck to you and soon I will be telling you stories about our life in Germany. This is anothe journey Ails!

  2. Tell your Aunt, she had a very nice house and I think I would love to meet her. I'm a Barbie and Bratz collector. I think she would love my super vintage Barbie :-)...

  3. Thank you Claire! Yes, I'm sooo excited to create once again. :) I didn't know you transferred to Germany. I missed on a lot of things these past months. And I can't wait to hear your story about your life in Germany! :)

    I'll tell my aunt about your comment. :) And please post about your vintage Barbie dolls. I wanna see them. :D

  4. congratulations, Ails, ayan may idea na ko of your place based sa mga kwento mo sa akin... I know you'll have a lot of great and fun times sa home nyo and it's nice na hands-on kayo sa pag-fix nito... excited na ko to see it when you're all done :)

  5. Thanks Jas!

    Now, I feel pressured to fix it. haha

    My grandfather was a carpenter and he built that old house. And I am really proud of his work. :D

  6. haha, but I know you and seal will have a great time fixing it... may pagmamanahan ka pala ng mahilig mag-craft from your lolo :)

  7. Yup. I really want to create my own furniture too but we do not have power tools here and I do not have the strength to saw a piece of wood. :D hehe

  8. Thanks so much Ails for sharing your ancestral home and nice to know that you and your hubby lives there. Paintng the house will surely be lots of fun hehehehehehehehe but don't like the smell and the mess when i do that hehehehehehe. Hans father is also a great carpenter - he has built the Äretun summer house near the lake from scratch. if only my dad was alive both of them will be a great team. Yup, my dad is into construction but he was a mechanical and electrical engineer. Hope to hear from you .... soon. Crafting ka naman dyan kase ang linis ng area mo eh hahahhahahaha- guluhin natin!

  9. hahaha yup, in fairness, even if my stuff are disorganized, my area is still clean. hehe i better do something about it. *evil grin*