Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gamer at Heart

Unbeknownst to many some, I am a gamer. And before I play with Blythe, I used to play with boys' stuff.  This post is an attempt (because I am not sure if I can remember all)  at listing down and documenting my past hobbies that both me and my hubby (then bf) enjoyed.

RPG Games:

 - Diablo I & II - I had so much fun playing this that I didn't notice my bf smoking behind me.  Yes, I always get transported to the world I am playing. I haven't played Diablo III yet. (click pic for the source)

 - Sims 1 2 3 - I was sooooo mad at Bella (Sims I) because my bf dated her!  But I didn't kill her. I have a girl friend who killed a character that snatched her bf's character. Funny thing was, the character she drowned was a girl character of bf's another male housemate who's only trying to make her jealous and see how she will react.  Ha ha! So many fun memories with this game in Tandang Sora. :D (click pic for the source)

Network Games:

- CounterStrike - I played this in a cafe full of male players, in bf's apartment, and even in the office during lunchtime. Yes, I played CS even after college. (click pic for the source)

- Cossacks : European Wars - This is my all-time favorite network strategy-game.  We played this in bf's apartment from dinner 'til dawn. I've had sooo many sleepless nights playing this.  Why?  Because this is a strategy and a war game.  A round of this can't be finished in minutes.  We spent hours building our army and destroying our opponent's base.  This is more fun when I was playing against 2 or more opponents. So when I was only with bf or one of bf's housemate, we include one or 2 computer player/s. (click pic for the source)

- StarCraft - Protoss was my favorite race. We also played this during lunch break in the office.  So fun!  I always win over a male friend/officemate back then. :D  I haven't played Starcraft II yet.  (click pic for the source)

- War Craft III : the Frozen Throne - Night Elf was my fave race when playing solo.  And in network games, I usually use Lich, Death Knight, and Demon Hunter for my heroes. (click pic for the source)


- Silent Hill - I just tried this game and didn't even made it past the foggy street part.  I played this game on a night that I was left alone in bf's apartment because he and his housemates went to a bar across the street.  It scared the sh*t out of me!  I was sooooo afraid that I went straight to bf's bed and hid under his blanket.  We had no cellphone back then so I had to wait for them to come back home.  I never touched this game again.  but I watched the film. (click pic for the source)

Miniature WarGame:

 - Mage Knight - This is played using tape measure and dice. Bf and I went to different places so he can join tournaments and to buy booster packs.  Opening a Booster Pack was fun and exciting.  The dragons however, were bought separately.  Too bad Wizkids stopped releasing expansions and stopped tournament support in 2005.  But we still keep the collectible figures because we can still play with it.  Wizkids has just relaunched it as a board game, card game, and RPG.
I repainted this reaper back then.  :D

Online Games:

(screenshot of my lvl 80 Undead Mage named Alikka while waiting for players in a 25-man raid)
- World of Warcraft - Oh yes! I was addicted to this online role-playing game.  I spent hundreds of dollars (thousands of pesos) playing this game.  I bought the starter pack ($50), the 1st expansion set Burning Crusade ($50), and the 2nd expansion set Wrath of the Lich King ($50).  Add to that the electricity and the internet monthly bills for 2 years.  I also bought my Acer laptop (Php 40k) for this game, so that I can play even at my bf's apartment.  2 of his housemates played this too.  I also spent many sleepless nights just to be included in a 25-man raid.  Our Filipino guild-mates were mostly call center agents so they play/raid during daytime which is impossible for us who works from 8am to 5pm. So, we had to join raids of non-guild-mates at night til dawn.   Then we transferred to another guild that plays during our playtime.  I went to work without sleep for this.  Imagine that kind of life I lived for 2 years.  So it's no wonder that I looked like my Undead character after WoW!  Below is Alikka at lvl 72. :)
I had to stop playing WoW because it has not only affected my health but also my graduate studies.  I was AWOL-ed for 2 semesters and on LOA for a sem because of this.  I was lost in this world so I really had to quit playing.  And I have to say that I still miss this world sometimes even now that I already have a baby.    

- Facebook Games like Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Farm Town, CityVille, Sorority Life, and The Sims Social.  You can see game posts on my wall from time to time.  It is really hard to stop playing games if you are a gamer at heart.  

What distractions have you got that keep you from being productive?


  1. Some of those games are good but I very don't like the violent ones.I see that you been posting and I just would like to comment.Have a great and wonderful week! :)

  2. Hi Semeeah! Yes some if these are violent games. And speaking of which, I remembered that I used to play Grand Theft Auto too. It's really, really violent.
    Thinking back, I wouldn't want to introduce these games to my baby. Only when he's already 18, maybe. But some of these are really good, like Mage Knight. It's like chess. :D