Friday, October 28, 2011

some thoughts on dolls and an inspiring friend

I'm so happy today because I've found out that the readership of my blog is growing. :D  And also because I feel that my muse is back.  Yes, it was missing for a time.  But since it is here with me now, I am going to make it official that I will start a new weekly post.  Yey!

This project is something really close to my heart.  Do you remember my girls Maria, Pepper, and Mariko?  I think, I haven't introduced them properly here yet.  Anyway, when I got pregnant and learned that I was carrying a boy, I stopped playing with my dolls.  I kept them in my closet for the longest time.  Now that we have transferred to our new little house, I had them displayed on the top most level of our bookshelf.  I placed them high enough so my nephew and my son could not see them, unless we carry these little boys.  

I've been dreaming of a doll house for my girls ever since I got Maria.  But until now, they have none.  After hearing Ben-Hur's lecture in Baguio, I got inspired to finally start my girls' house.  And also, after being bombarded with pictures of my friend's doll houses (which is turning into a village now),  I finally decided to turn my dollhouse ideas into reality.

This is just a glimpse of my friend's growing village.  My friend's craftroom is getting filled with dolls!  Click on the photo to visit her site. :D

So friends,  I would like to announce that I will go back to playing with my dolls (when my baby boy is asleep). :D  And that I will be sharing with you the development of my dollhouse on a weekly post, and on a cutify page dedicated only for my Blythes (Watch out for this!).  I will definitely start this weekend.  If you love dolls and have dolls, you can join me in developing a totally handmade dollhouse because I will also be sharing photos of how-to's.

I'm excited!  :D  I hope you are too! :D


  1. Thanks, Ails, sure they are growing. Cheers to your collection! :)

  2. Hello, you left me a comment on my blog, however your username is not attached to an email so I can't respond, if you could email me at 098585c @ Acadiau . ca that would be great :)

  3. Cheers to yours too Jas! :D

    Hi Lindsay! I emailed you already. Thanks for dropping by! :D