Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Special Libraries' Congress in Baguio City

I've been m.i.a. last week because hubby and I attended the 1st National Congress of Special Libraries of the Philippines (1st NCSLP) held at Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza in Baguio City.  The WiFi access in our room was intermittent so I just enjoyed our trip without online connectivity.  Hubby and I are actually academic librarians now but we are still active members of the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP).  The topics discussed in the Congress were very informative and useful even for academic libraries.  The speakers were all masters of their own field.  The accommodation and food were excellent.  So i would like to give Kudos to ASLP officers and board for a successful national congress! =D  

Here are glimpses of what I enjoyed in Baguio last week...

    Hotel Supreme's food are excellent! Well, except for the longanisa.  I was expecting a more garlicky flavored variant.

... our hotel room

... and the city view from our room

 ... Mayor Mauricio Domogan's poetic welcome remarks

... company of friends and colleagues

... half slab bbq ribs with salad from Canto : a bogchi joint

... yes I finished this

... see =D honestly, it is truly delicious! =D

... if you happen to be in Baguio, I suggest you try this bogchi joint.  It is located at lower Engineer's Hill beside 7-11 and in front of the DTI Staff House.  

... Ben-Hur Villanueva's lecture on Designing and Re-designing your Libraries

... Ben-Hur made us create a 3-d image of anything under the sun with just a piece of colored paper.  No scissors, no glue, and no crayons were used.  I made a dollhouse.  He inspires me.  He told us that lack of materials or budget is not an excuse to stop a person from creating things.  He is not just a National Artist, he could also be a master DIY-er. =D  

... then he asked us to create a poster advertising our library.  This time, we could use coloring materials.  However, I only have a glue and 3 pens (red, green, and black) with me.  So I made use of the different colored papers available.  This poster is a collaboration between me and my hubby.

... I won these prizes for the poster. =D

The book on the left is really nice.  It is a compilation of German illustrators of picture books and children's books. 

Here are my favorite artists from the book...

(He's like a Heavy Metal artist.  I love his art!)

Perry and I will surely have a good time looking at the illustrations in the book.  =D

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