Saturday, October 29, 2011

busy with pastries

Busy day.  My sister received orders of 100 buko pies and 20 cassava cakes today, aside from their daily quota and the walk-in customers buying pizza from her Pizzeria.  Sis and her angels have been cooking and baking since 5am!  The orders were delivered tonight.  They're just closing as of this moment.  :D

Of course, I helped her.  And I took pictures too.. :D

Trois Buko Pie

Trois angels busy packing the pies

Trois angels packing while selling other pastries and sweets to a customer

Trois Buko Pie handmade label

Aside from helping my dear sister, I also played with my baby boy and started with my new furniture project for my Blythes.  Busy, busy, busy but still very happy. :D

I hope you are enjoying your loooong weekend too! :D Happy Halloween!


  1. Nice handmade label and yummy buko pies! :)

  2. Thank you Jas! i'll bring some the next time we meet. :)