Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Modday - Picnic Dress Love

It's a beautiful time for picnics! The air is a bit cooler and the sun is not too hot to stay outdoors with your loved ones.  I have always wanted to go on a picnic with my dear hubby and my baby at the Japanese Garden in Caliraya.  If it will not rain this weekend, we will definitely go out and have some fun.

These are the dresses that I would love to wear on a picnic...

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I still have the extra weight I gained during pregnancy.  I have yet to ask my doctor if I am now allowed to start an exercise routine.  Recovering from a C-Section delivery is not a simple matter.  For my Mom, I am not a 'complete person yet'.  I do not understand what it means but still I follow mom's advice on what I should and should not do while my wound is healing.  So for now,  all that I can do is visualize myself wearing these lovely dresses. bleh.

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