Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Perry turned 8 with Chicken Pox and the vegetable garden

My little boy turned 8 months old yesterday with chicken pox all over his face and body.  It was the 3rd day after the first break out so when I got home from work, most of the fluid-filled vesicles have started to crust over.  

He only had mild fever, like 37.7 degrees, during the first 2 days of the infection.  He was still very active and vibrant as ever especially during daytime.  But on the first 2 nights, he was restless while sleeping.  So the Mr. and I  had to carry and sing him lullaby almost every hour until around 5 am - his waking hour.  Last night was back to normal, he slept so soundly. Yey!  He only cried when he needed milk.  He has been, relatively,  a very good and cooperative baby during the first stage of the infection.   

I found Perry in the vegetable garden watching his lola (grandma) tend the plants yesterday afternoon. He enjoys the outdoors so much and would always say " 'ama " (short for "sama" meaning "I'll go with you") with both arms raised as if shouting "carry me! carry me!" to anyone he sees going out of the house.  And he would go crazy over you if he sees you carrying the pink umbrella.  =)  He is simply irresistible.  And he knows a lot now.  

Lola Priscy tends to the string beans (sitaw) with Perry and his nanny Nine.  On the left are the new sitaw plants and on the right are the old ones that still bear vegetables but are soon to be replaced with new seedlings for better harvest.

 Perry waving his hand at me beside the bitter gourd (amplaya) plants on the left. Under those trellises are eggplants.  

that's the bitter gourd (amplaya) plant and the sticks underneath the trellis are markers beside each eggplant seedlings.   

On the other news, it's really good to have your own vegetable garden so you can eat fresh and organic vegetables everyday.  There are other vegetable plants in our backyard like tomato, squash (Perry's favorite), bell pepper (my favorite), okra (lady's fingers or gumbo), cucumber, among others.  We also have some herbs and lots of fruit bearing trees. I also have a pack of chamomile seeds waiting to be planted this weekend if time permits. This vegetable garden is one of the things I love about living in a farm.

Do you have your own vegetable garden too? Tell me about it. =) 


  1. What a lovely vegetable garden you have!!! It has been a couple of years since we had a decent vegetable garden. Last year I did plant some tomatoes and broccoli, but unfortunately our behind the fence neighbor, a groundhog I nicknamed Chuck, came in the back yard and ate all of my broccoli plants. This spring I do want to try planting some pepper plants, tomatoes, and perhaps a few other things. First I need to figure out how to groundhog-proof our backyard. It is fenced in with a 4 ft wooden fence, but he just chews his way on in. Grrr! It's very frustrating. I don't have the heart to kill him. Maybe I can try trapping him......

    Your little boy is cute! I'm sorry he has the chicken pox. I hope he gets well soon!!! :)

  2. Thank you Rachel! You are so sweet! Perry is much better now. :)

    You better start befriending Chuck so you can teach him not to eat your vegetables. :D or yes, try trapping him with something not lethal so he'll stop ruining your garden :)

  3. Oh poor little Perry :( I hope he didn't cry much coz that can be itchy, right? It's good he got it now instead of when he is a teen-ager =) As for the vegetable garden - lucky you! We tried doing it in our backyard but due to 4 seasons here I lost the interest :( Hope someday I'll get the chance to eat vegetables from your garden. My fave is bellpeppers and I eat it like a fruit almost everyday =)

    until then.....

  4. Hi Jewels! I love green bellpepper so much that I could eat it everyday too! :)

    Perry only cried on the first 2 nights of the infection, after that our routine is back to normal again.:) Yes, we're thankful for that early infection too. Now, he no longer needs the vaccine when he turns 1. :)

  5. That is really a traumatic part of once life. I do not want to have a Chicken Pox. Nasty !