Thursday, September 09, 2010

Trip to Baguio & Sagada


I hope that by this weekend, when I post my giveaway details, you will still find time to join in the fun.  The mechanics are very simple.  I just don't have the candy photo here with me.

But I want to share with you what happened after my previous post. :)

My hubby and I scheduled a trip to Sagada 2 Fridays ago to attend his cousin's wedding.  We traveled straight from Laguna to Baguio Thursday night.  

It was our first visit to my in-laws after the wedding.  I helped mama with some chores during the day and I found lots of treasures inside their house.  First, I saw a vintage American Tourister attache case that Dad no longer use.  I asked Mama if i could have it and she gave it to me! Yippeee! It was perfect for my Blythes.  

Then I also found this old olive thermos in their kitchen!   
I wonder why I haven't seen that thermos during my first visits there.

And I also got to eat on these lovely breakfast plates.
According to Mama, the plates are from Mom Yohko.  I will someday post my lovely tea cups here from Mom Yohko too. :)

Then, that Friday night, we met our bestman, A, for coffee.
He brought us to this lovely house converted into a cafe.  I have been here with some friends before when it was just a lodging house called The Blue House.  I can't recall its cafe name.  But I loooove their mocha.  The Baklavah was too sweet for my taste.
The place was so cozy.  I will definitely go back there. I just need to remember the name of that Cafe!
Then I got to watch A and Seal play poker that night.  I had a hard time catching up.  But it was fun.  Too bad we had to leave and go home by 10pm because we need to catch the earliest trip to Sagada on Saturday morning.

This was the bus that brought us to Gonogan in Mt. Province, Saturday morning.
The road was blocked due to landslide so we had to walk through the fields and transfer to another bus going to Sagada.  

It was my first time to cross a hanging bridge!  
It was a bridge made of iron but it was swaying!  Now I know why Dingdong Dantes was afraid to cross this kind of bridge in his movie with Marian Rivera.
We had to cross the river and walk through these fields to get to the other bus!
Can you see the landslide on the left?  This was a very long walk.

We arrived in Sagada an hour before the wedding.  So hubby and I went to the Echo Valley first. which is just behind the church.  I was already too exhausted by this time.  
And by the time this lovely couple said "I do," I was falling off my seat in the church.
After the ceremony, I got fever and cough.  I got chills that night.  Then in the morning, I challenged myself and took a shower of the ice-cold water of Sagada.  Mama totally disapproved but what's done is done, she couldn't do anything about it. :)  We went back home to Baguio on Sunday. I was glad the road was passable that time because I still had fever and was so weak.

Then, I spent my week in Baguio, lying in bed, staring at these curtains...
and these lovelies...
while totally missing this little angel...
I regained my strength by Wednesday so hubby and I traveled back to Laguna that night. We rested again on Thursday and reported back to work on Friday.  

I hope you'll understand why my giveaway details are late. :)  See you again this weekend! :)

xoxo, ails 

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  1. glad you were able to rest and have fun... yet, we need to face reality, right? take care :)