Thursday, June 17, 2010

a fun and exciting day

Hello lovelies!

Maria, Pepper and I are so excited to meet Abbey and Janice tonight!  We prepared some special gifts for Abbey.  here they are...

this woven backpack

this buhi sports/duffel bag


this soft pillow (2 sets - 1 satin pillow and 1 red pillowcase) to rest her head on at night.

We are so excited to give these to her.  We wrapped these in a special bag. Maria and Pepper made a simple little card for her too.

Oh dear! I can't wait!



  1. yup, they are so cute, abbey and I love all your handmade gifts... and your dollies are really lovely in person! :)

  2. Hey Hey! You won the giveaway over at my blog, Can you email me ( ) your address so I can mail you your prizes. ;)
    xoxo, Katie

  3. super cute nito ails! galing mo to do the cutie dresses..hope to see them in person! =)