Friday, June 04, 2010

My Wedding Pics Part 1 - Raymond's eye

Here are some of my favorite pics taken by my cousin, Raymond.  There were lots of photographer friends and family. I'll post pics later from each of them.

I am sure more will come from him but these are my favorites for now.  :-) Thank you hinlog Mond.


  1. lovely! don't forget the photos I asked from you... :)

  2. Best wishes, Aileen! I liked the details on your gown and hairstyle.

  3. what a wonderful couple...cheers for good life

  4. Thank you po! ^_^

    Jo, yung gown designed by thecraftyladybug at si Nanang Dita (Valderrama wawa) nanahi. Pero ako bumili tela at beads sa divi. :)

    Jas, opo, hihingin ko na sa pinsan ko para maipadala ko na sa yo ang orig file. :-)

  5. blog hopping from The Color have such a fun blog...thoroughly enjoyed browsing through. Your dolls are divine! and you made such a GORGEOUS bride! congrats to you!