Friday, June 04, 2010

lovely gifts

I would also like to thank all my friends and relatives and family for all your wonderful gifts! especially your time spent in celebrating with us. Thank you so much!

And when i arrived at work yesterday, I found more gifts and these 2 special packages...

These are from my friend Gie. Thank you so much! It's so lovely and I will really enjoy filling it up with memories from our wedding day. :-)

And then the following scrapbooking treasures are the wonderful RAK goodies from Snobby Walrus.  These are my first ever blog candies received. Thank you so much Tracy! ^_^

Gotta go for now lovelies.  Have a lovely, lovely day! Mwah!

xo, ails


  1. your blog is beyond amazing! i love all the colors and i'm so glad i found it!

    i don't own any blythe dolls but i think i want to buy my first one. do you have any recommendations on where i should go get one? yours are gorgeous! :]