Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Sewing for Blythe

Hello lovelies!

How was your weekend? We had a long weekend here in the Philippines in celebration of our independence day. :)  I spent my weekend moving out from our apartment in Sampaloc to our home in the province.  I'll be working there starting June 22. I have been waiting for that job since 2001! :D

I still haven't organized my stuff in my room in our new little home.  I just realized how huge our (me and my DH) collections are!  We have no space for all of them in our room.  So they'll be kept for now until we got our new bigger space. :)

But I made my weekend productive by ...


yup! i was making dresses for my little babies. :)

here's Pepper with her new dress.  It's my first ever hand-sewn dress and it's not perfect but Pepper loves it so much.  She's gonna wear that when she meets Abbey this Thursday. :-)

And here is Maria with her new dress too.  She loves purple and the color combination reminds her of Ube Keso (Yam and Cheese), her favorite dessert!  She'll be wearing this to meet Abbey too.  but i'll add some more embellishment on it before Thursday. :-)

And here they are in Megamall yesterday...

:) i also made a little something for Abbey but I'll post it once i finish with all of her gifts. :)

see you again tomorrow!

xoxo, ails


  1. I'm sure Abbey is excited to see Maria and Pepper!... and I'm excited to see you before you leave :)

  2. we are excited too Jas! :) we'll still meet from time to time after tomorrow. :)