Monday, May 17, 2010


hello lovelies!

I've been in heaven again since last week.  I just want to drop by and tell everyone some happy tales that happened during my MIA days.

First would be the arrival of my bridesmaid from New York.  She's a very dear and special friend and she came home just to be with us on our special day.  We went shopping for 3 days last week together with my 2 special friends too and we had a blast!  I have missed them all so much and i was so glad to be with them alone before my BIG day. ^_^ Shopping is really a happy bonding moment with friends even if we're just buying a pair of socks or a handkerchief.

Then they all gave me a bridal shower last Friday.  It was awesome! We got to be with 2 old friends and 1 new acquaintance too.   First, we shopped for shoes, clothes, and scarves in Megamall until past 10pm. Then we ate our late dinner at Kalye Juan in Timog.  Their sisig is the best of all the food we ordered. Then at midnight, we went into 'the best' strip club in the area (according to our 2 gay friends).  And they were absolutely right! It was my first time and it has been fun.  I still smile every time I hear music that reminds me of the place.  My friends were the bestest ever! ^_^ Oh and yes, they pampered me with gifts too. I never thought a bridal shower would be this fun! ^_^ We separated on Saturday morning after a breakfast at McDo.

Saturday: Fiance and I were on a bus to the province when my friend from Singapore called me and told me that she already has my Pepper (Simply Mango Blythe)! Weee! And she posted Pepper on my Facebook wall.  Here she is...

Isn't she gorgeous!?!

I was soooo happy last weekend.  I do not know the best word to describe this but my heart felt like it was about to burst from so much happiness.

Then when we got home, we saw how much effort my parents are doing to provide me with the old-fashioned farm wedding that i want for Saturday.  They have worked hard on this since February.  Fiance was speechless and we are sooooo grateful and proud of our parents for giving us everything we need!

Then my dear cousin drove us to Japanese Garden in Caliraya to take our pre-nup photos yesterday (Sunday).  His eyes are the best!  i love all his shots! I want to share the pics soon! ^_^ 

I couldn't ask for more.  I feel so blessed and so loved. That's why I do my best not to disappoint any of them - my family and my friends.  That's why I do my best to show them how much i love and respect them too.  We only have a very short time in this world, so it's best for us to embrace and treasure all the good things coming our way and to let go of all the negativity that burdens our lives.  Material things are immaterial in this life.  What matters most are true and real love, true and real friends, a loving and supportive family, and a healthy state of mind.  And I feel like I have them all right now.  So that's why I am in heaven.

i love you all!



P.S. oh i also remember seeing Venus on top of a crescent moon yesterday.  It was a lovely sight at dusk.  but a little bit scary.  i wondered if it has any astronomical significance or something but the news this morning claimed none. love, ails


  1. so happy for you..wishing you best luck on your wedding...malapit nah

  2. Thank you so much dear! ^_^ oo nga eh. malapit na.. ^_^

  3. I'm so happy for you and I really wish you and seal happiness and more blessings... "Material things are immaterial in this life. What matters most are true and real love, true and real friends, a loving and supportive family, and a healthy state of mind." This is totally true :)

  4. I'm sure excited ka na to hug Pepper, you've been longing for your pretty doll so much :)

  5. Thank you so much Jas! ^_^

    oo nga super excited na ko to hug Pepper! and sana makasama na sya sa honeymoon namin! ^_^

  6. hehehe... paalam mo kay hoseal... baka naman makaagaw pa nya yan sa attention mo :D

  7. hahaha. oo papayag yun, kasama nga namin mga pinsan ko eh at baka may kapatid din sya isama. we prefer company sa honeymoon namin pero syempre kami lang sa room. ^_^ si Pepper sa room ng mga pinsan babae ko na lang patulugin. hahaha

  8. hahaha, yup, sa bagay kami din noon ni allen, sa out of town honeymoon namin, kasama namin ang family ko, syempre to be safe din :)