Thursday, February 25, 2010

tumblr love

Hello, sunshine!

I'm getting hooked on my friend's tumbler and her tumblr <3s.  The pictures give me butterflies!


feels so good to be in love, right?! those images are found at Our Endless Summer Days.

The following pictures are from Bear.

for my friend Erin on her birthday this March! She's having an Alice themed birthday party! I know how fun it's gonna be with all the creative and lovely people attending.  I wish i live near Springfield. ^_^

And speaking of home, I wish we have this...

It's soooo HOT in here maybe due to El Niño or something, making me long for the beach in February and some rain to soothe our agricultural lands and trees.

Oh and before I leave, I must say that I  miss my little Ashee because of this picture! Melts my heart.
I hope your day is filled with bundles of love and (if you have pets--) saliva!  February is almost gone so tell me what your wishes are for March. I'd be glad to hear, read rather, what makes the following month interesting for you.  ^_^

love you lots! Ails

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