Wednesday, February 17, 2010


At last! I finally got the chance to meet one of my closest friends last night.  She's 1 of my 3 bridesmaids and she's the only one left unaware of it until last night.  Below is the mini album i gave her with a short letter at the back asking her to light our (me & my love's) path on our wedding.  I'm so glad she accepted!  I love her!

I believe I'm starting to get better at scrapbooking.  This is a lot better than my previous ones.  I really really hope to get better at this and to finally recognize and have my own style. :-) 

I have a lot of lovely ideas for my wedding.  I'll be sharing them along the way.  Tonight, my love and I are going to buy some yarns for one of the wedding projects i have in mind.  It's composed of red, white, and black! I'm sooo excited!  ^_^  What do you think am i gonna do with the yarns? Please tell me if you care. :)


p.s. i'll be posting color-coded wednesday later. Mwah!

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