Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Color-coded Wednesday (Week 4 & 5)

hello hello hello

I'm gonna share some pretties that I have been collecting and keeping in my computer for some inspiration.  These are also meant for my Style File when i find time to start on it. 

I'm gonna share with you today inspirations for my dream house. ^_^ Enjoy!

I'd love to have a living room like these...

and bedrooms like these...


and a dining room like this...

(lovely wall decor!)

and a kitchen like these...
(magical kitchen of Sherri)

and a craft studio like these...
(pretty much the same small space i have right now)
(Elsie's awesome craft wall)
(gorgeous tones of Elsie's studio)
(Leigh Ann's organized craft supplies)

There you go!  Basically, I love windows and lots and lots of natural light for my dream house.  I can't remember where I got these pics (except for the few ones).  So if you recognize any of these please comment me the source so I can link these back. Thank you! ^_^

I hope you find these lovelies inspiring too! Tell me what your dream house is. ^_^


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  1. Oh my, that bed with the trees and the nest overhead... that is dreamy. What a wonderfully inspiring find!

    Sweetfern Handmade