Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Color-coded Wednesday (Week 7)

rainbow blythe

February is almost over and there's only three months of preparation left before my BIG day! Pressure! pressure! pressure!  Weddings should really be planned for at least a year and I'm doing it for less than 6 months! Oh my! But I'm still dancing on rainbows right now! ^_^

For that, I'm gonna share some rainbows with you. ^_^ Happiness!

super cute Owl! made by Whimsy Loft and with a detailed tutorial here. Enjoy!

cute rainbow sock chick

can i have this please?

it's like summer here already

yes please

altered cd

i wanna have one of these

Yum! groovy cupcake

over the rainbow cupcake tutorial here! Yummy!

nature love


rainbow paints and super adorable plushies!

Tomita Farm awesomeness
Isn't our world a magical place? Fills me up with happiness!  I hope your day be filled with magic too!

love, ails


  1. lovely colors...i am definitely gonna have to try the owl tutorial!

  2. Thanks Eleise! Yes, i am gonna try it too! ^_^