Thursday, December 03, 2009


I can't believe it! I received an email from Blizzard Entertainment last Nov 30 to notify me of my free 7 DAYS of game time in celebration of World of Warcraft's 5th Anniversary.  Here are what's in store fo me within those 7 days:

  • Grab your own 5-year anniversary pet, the Onyxia Brood Whelpling, just for logging into World of Warcraft during the celebration.* 
  • Find the Night Elf Mohawk to get your Mohawk Grenades... and help make Azeroth look “goooood”. 
  • Battle the newly updated level-80 version of the fearsome dragon Onxyia in Dustwallow Marsh. 
  • Answer the Call of Crusade in Icecrown, and take on all-new dungeon and raid content.  
  • And more to come... including the epic final confrontation with the Lich King himself.
I'm excited! it's been months since I suspended my account in WoW and i kinda miss it. Hmmm...

be back later for an update on my date with Jas last night. ^_^



  1. cool, I played warcraft when I was still on my first job with my officemates during breaks...

  2. A library! As a librarian, I approve :)