Tuesday, December 01, 2009

cure needed

this day would have been perfect until my migraine started once again.  anyone knows how to cure it?  i'm desperate. and i also have 3 HUGE ant bites.  all of the scars on my legs and feet are from ant bites. :(

anyway, while my kool and i were printing Men.Real shirts yesterday, a customer saw us and asked my love to make her a shirt design for her tire company.  we were excited!  look at what my love came up with this morning here.

i have a date tomorrow with Jas to learn some crochet techniques with her. I saw some DIY designs on the net this afternoon and i'm preparing myself on creating those projects with Jas tomorrow. I can't wait even with this headache!

i just feel bad for not making anything today.  i feel so disabled...

oh! and Just already got her huggers.  and she even gave me a gift for Christmas! she's so sweet! i plan to open it on Christmas day along with my other presents.  i wonder what gifts will i receive 24 days from now... hmmm... maybe i should start posting my wishlist too. that'll be fun! i'll do that tomorrow when my eyes and head are rested and fresh. sweet dreams lovelies!


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