Thursday, December 03, 2009

pretty stressed but inspired thursday

I had a wonderful time crocheting with Jas last night.  For our session, i decided to re-introduce to her the "double stitch" (dc) because she asked me about treble in a text message the day before.  So i printed a copy of The Royal Sisters' Grandma Trees DIY because the pattern uses dc or treble stitch and i thought that it's very timely for the holidays. We set a time limit on our craft date until 8pm only because we had to be home early. And in less than one hour of crocheting we were able to accomplish half of the grandma tree. Yay! It was fun and we learned alot from that session. hehe. i also taught her one of my tricks that worked even if it's not in the instructions.  we decided to meet again sometime this month for another crochet session.  I'm excited!  Crochet is one hobby that we can do even without a craft table.  Yes, both of us are in a situation where we do not have our own craft table/space in our apartment.  She used to have one but the typhoon Ondoy last September ruined her house. 

On the other news, I've been a busy bee again in the office today.  We are polishing our workprogram for 2010 plus we are also preparing for the Exporters Forum on Monday, Dec 7, 2009.  We're really busy huh!?! It's actually an extra technical work for me because it's not part of my work as librarian.  But i'm enjoying the challenges and experiences i learn from being in the technical working group of the Product Research and Strategy Group. I'll just share with you some pics of the library where I'm working.

 some shelves and tables in our library

that's me in the User-Assistance counter

my fave nook in our library ^_^

Visit our website here.

Oh and i also got my certificate and some pics on the Basic Barista course last Nov.5. 
this was taken after steaming milk

Look, I'm pouring steamed milk and foam on my cappuccino.  Hee hee but i still don't have the skill of pouring milk with art.  It's something that i have yet to learn through practice.

love, ails

P.S. I made 2 cads last night. i'll share pics later. ^_^  xo.


  1. that's cool, Ails, at least in spite of the pressure, you still keep your cool.