Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!

My Christmas has been both merry and sad. 

My 5 yr old nephew, Dion, was pushed by a 4 yr old boy into the river and drowned a week before Christmas.  It hurt sooo much losing someone close to you in that manner. After him,  my inspiration and greatest teacher ever, Lola Aque, passed away last dec 23.  She was one of my motivations to take up education and it hurts me that i haven't finished the course before she died because I planned to dedicate my diploma to her.  She has also instilled in me my love for the children and for our environment.  The way she shared her life and love for every living thing is truly inspirational and very contagious. Her shoes were too big for me alone to fill in  but i will do my best to keep her teachings and ideals alive by sharing them to others and to my future kids.

On the other hand, the sight of happiness on every child's face as they receive and open their gifts last Christmas was really magical.  Even adults (like my loved ones and me! of course) have little children inside their (our) hearts that just couldn't wait to open the gifts under the Christmas tree.  It's really something that we always look forward to every Christmas. 

As much as i wanted to make this Christmas a handmade one,  I just couldn't finish all my desired projects in time.  So I wasn't able to give everyone a handmade gift this holiday.  But this year has been a very good start on my Handmade pledge.  I can't share pics right now of all the gifts and decors I made but i promise to share when i get back online next week.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I am wishing a prosperous, happier, more blessed, more creative, and more magical new year to all of us!

love, ails


  1. happy holidays and happy new year... It's been sad but glad your family still made Christmas wonderful :)

  2. real sad news sis..still you had a merry christmas and bright new year ahead!