Friday, November 13, 2009

another HUGE update : Part 2

Yay! This is a super blessed and magical day! My dear Kool passed the Board Exam for Librarians! The results are viewable here. I am uber excited for next week coz we are gonna celebrate with my kazinz in Sta. Clara! We might also celebrate this weekend in the province! Yipee!

I attended my first class this semester on Values and Education. I zzz-ed a bit at the start of my prof's lecture mainly because my body was dead tired. yes, i can do that sitting down. ^_^ but after that, the discussion became more interesting. i like my prof's sense of humor. and i like his philosophy too. He even has a blog! Check him out. i think he's pretty amazing! ^_^

That's all for now. i have some cuddling up to do. I'm just super happy tonight!

sweet dreams everyone!


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