Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday Love

there's a new reason for me to love Saturday more. It's my 11:30-2:30 Dr. Dizon class in UP! He's one of my fave educ professors coz his anecdotes and philosophies keep my heart for children with special needs aflame.

i'm gonna write down lovely quotes from my classes and i'll share them with you here. these are so much more interesting than the lessons. hee hee

Lucky for me, my classes this semester are all fun! Both my professors promised us an easy course and i believe them both. Ha! See, in my Saturday class, i got assigned to group 4 or the Creative Drama Therapy group and our final project (60% of our grade) will be a demo class at the last Saturday of the semester. That's gonna be super fun!

Plus, i get to take pictures in UP again! Like last Saturday, i got some wonderful view and luckily, i have my Smena with me. I hope i was able to capture the mood with the right focus and the right framing. I'll share pics when my film is ready.

On the other news, our little puppies are running now. yay! And they already share their momma's food. So cute! Look at Patty here as she tried to get up. Her sister's asleep during this time.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend! And i'm wishing you all a fun-filled week ahead! ^_^


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