Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a very special day and a FREEBIE!

today is a very special day! i received a phone call from my sister that Ashee has given birth this morning! Yay! So happy!

I couldn't wait for the weekend to come. I'm uber excited to go home to the province and play with our 2 (as of writing) new little pups! As of now, we're still waiting if there are more puppies to come. My mom and sibs believe that Ashee's not yet done giving birth. i hope so too coz i want more puppies! i just wish i was there right now for her...

on the other news...

i was able to create this lovely mug hugger and it was sold before i even had a chance to post it on my online store. ^_^

Also... i made this little album for a dear friend who is now living and working in NY. it's simple coz it was made in 4 hours and with very limited supplies. but i'm still happy and proud coz it is my first ever scrapalbum! Yay!

plus, i sent her these lovelies too as advance Christmas gifts (one for her and the other two for my other 2 friends in NY). i hope she'll like my gifts. ^_^

The album and huggers will be brought to NY by my brother's HS friend.

isn't she adorable? Today is her flight back to US. I wish for her safety and uneventful flight.

now you know why it is a special day for me. And to make it extra special, i'll send you my Little Arty Indie's first ever digital papers as freebie if you tell me the story of your one special day. or better yet, comment me the link of your blog that has your story. so cute!


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