Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a secret


I wanted sooo much to open my own little online business selling handcrafted items. and my dear boyfriend helped me realize it by helping me think of a cute name. For now, we are still in the process of creating our logo. and while doing so, i continue creating items to put in our little store. I'm dying to give you a sneak peek of some of the cute products we'll be selling but I just can't yet. ^_^

For the meantime, to keep your minds off the secret i've told you, i'll just share with you a little dessert that i am enjoying right now. ^_^

My dear boyfriend and i went to my dentist a few minutes ago to have my molar extracted coz it's been aching since yesterday. unfortunately, my dentist wasn't available. So we stopped by Starbucks to buy my favorite frappucino.

soo yummy! i love the sweetness and all the choco bits!

and we also bought a slice of Banana Cheesecake to go along with the frappe.

it tastes soo good! my fave pastry in Starbucks is their Banoffee Pie. but after tasting this cheesecake, i'm gonna have two faves! i just love bananas. and Starbucks perfected their craft of creating luscious and heavenly banana desserts. ^_^


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