Sunday, September 13, 2009

a rainy weekend

i decided to stay in Manila this weekend to do some research on my thesis. It's september already and i haven't started writing my 3-chapter proposal yet. So yesterday, saturday, i did a little bit of research. a little bit coz i spent most of my day with friends in Quiapo! it was such a lovely day having to buy all the threads that i've been longing to buy all week. yay!

it was raining and we didn't have umbrella as we strolled the streets in Quiapo. but we didn't care! ^_^ i enjoyed having to try some second-hand lenses for kool's (my dear boyfriend) D40. he wanted to buy a good deal lense that day and i was looking for a good deal polaroid. unfortunately for me, there was no polariod anywhere in Hidalgo. but we found a shop that sells nikon film camera with manual lense that only sells for Php 3,500. kool wanted the 28mm lense attached to the old nikon cam but i told him to find a better deal. in the end, we weren't able to buy anything from the camera haven in manila. but we didn't leave Quiapo empty handed coz we had a bunch of threads and a dozen dvds to watch for today (Sunday)! yay!

last night, we started a series titled "The Legend of the Seeker" and i love it! It was based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. The book of course is better but the tv series is still interesting. i can hardly wait to continue watching and finish season 1 today! ^_^ oh and i finished 2 coffee huggers last night while watching. and i hope to finish some more today. ^_^

have a happy sunday everyone!


p.s. i found this on etsy and i wish i could have it coz the buyer says it actually works! i just have to research first if the Polaroid 600 format film is available here in Manila.

oh wait...
there's more...

both from here...

and this one's cheap and working too...

from here.

hayyy... time to go back to reality. lovelove, ails

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  1. Ails that's a lot of yarn... Ako rin medyo maraming craft finds pero I'll post it once I get everything.
    Alam mo totoo yang Quiapo as camera haven. Dapat isa yan sa itinerary ko kung nakauwi ako last month. Tsaka inggit ako sa series mo, mukhang interesting yan... Sana may mabilhan dito nyan.
    O sya, enjoy creating at ako naman at magbo-blog...