Thursday, September 17, 2009

print and dine

yesterday, after office, my dear bf (DBF) and i went to SM Tayuman to buy an office printer for our restaurant in Laguna. We bought Epson Stylus T10 for a change. we've tried Canon and HP already. I love Canon but it has expensive ink cartridges. HP has cheaper ink cartridges but i don't like its adapter. Once the adapter's gone, the printer's as good as dead too coz the price of the new adapter is the same with a new printer. So this time, we chose to try Epson. I can't make a review of T10's performance now coz i haven't tested it yet.

after buying, we decided to eat at Kenny Rogers' which is at the ground floor of the mall. We used the stairs on our way down. Which is a good thing for 2 reasons. First is for a better health because walking is good for the body. Second reason is you'll be surprised at what the stairs has in store for you. Last night, we got paid to use the stairs! Coz i found 200 pesos at the bottom of the stairs! nobody was around that time and it would be foolish for us to approach anybody and ask them if they used the stairs and dropped a 200 peso bill. So we just took it as a gift from the stairs! ^-^ happy! so here's where it went...

It's been a while since we last dine at Kenny's. and we were surprised to find that they added sandwishes and some new products in their menu. My DBF picked his fave Solo B - a quarter roasted chicken, rice, 2 sidings, and a muffin.

I chose their new Burger Steak.

The burger was grilled too and it's simply delicious! It was a bit greasy but the taste is good. Maybe the friendliness of the staff that took our order also added to the enjoyability of their food.

We were such happy and satisfied customers! ^_^

after dinner we went home and found my cousins savoring their glowing lollipops. the lollipop was sooo cute! we played with the glowing handles and took some photos...

and i love my cousin's shirt too! look at the bear and it's texture! aren't they (cuz and shirt) lovely!?! too bad i wasn't able to perfect the focus on this shot...

i would love to have a cute shirt like that too! ^_^


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