Monday, September 07, 2009

i heart weekend!

i received a text message last Friday night that we had no work today, Monday, because Malacañang declared September 7 as a national day of mourning for the late Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) leader Bro. Eraño 'Ka Erdie' Manalo. so Yay! thank you Malacañang i was able to rest and spend more time with my self and my family! ^_^

my weekend has been quite productive. I left my laptop in Manila so i won't be tempted to spend my rest days in front of the computer. i crave for more physical activities during my rest days coz i spend 70% of my regular weekday in front of the computer. besides i have lots of paper projects to work on in my little craft room.

here are my projects i was supposed/able to accomplish over the 3-day weekend:

1. i had to make a dozen cards for different people's birthday this September unfortunately, my heart was elsewhere this weekend so i ended up making 0 card. :(

2. a last quarter planner for my dear boyfriend with pages to suit his needs. he requested something functional and not cute but i just couldn't resist myself from using colors so the inside looked a bit girlish. my DSIL and cousins liked it that i ended up having a new set of orders for the holiday season. i had soooo much fun doing this last sunday!

3. a commisioned scrap album for a new born babe. (pic to follow coz i failed to photograph it. and i left it in the province for the buyer)

4. crochet. i always carry thread and crochet needles in my bag so i can continue working on my coffee huggers while travelling (waiting for the traffic to move especially). last weekend, i was able to finish a couple huggers while watching tv with my family after dinner. and on my way to Manila a couple of hours ago, i gave them to 2 of my cousins celebrating their bdays this september. i need to buy more spools of thread!

5. our family portraits. i bought 3 woodblocks in Quiapo 2 weekends ago for 90 pesos and i plan on painting our family portraits on them. i painted the wood blocks white for a start. then i drew my parents, my sister, and my brother with my new sister-in-law on paper. my sister saw the drawings and she liked them specially the drawing i made of my parents. i wasn't able to transfer my drawing on the wood yet though. i'm excited to finish them!

6. invitation designs. a friend of my sister loved the cards i made and posted in my fb account so she chose me to be the maker of her baby's baptismal invitation. YaY! i wasn't able to create the invites but i made a drawing of her lovable family and am hoping that she'll like it. ^_^

on other news...

i wasn't able to swim last weekend coz it was raining cats and dogs. so i played in the rain instead with my sweet Mojito! so fun!


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