Friday, September 04, 2009

tgi friday!

yay! it's friday once again! it's my most favorite day! friday is the start of the weekend meaning it's that time of the week that i get to relax, go home to the province, and create a lot of stuff in my little room. it also means spending time with my family and our 2 little babies - Ashee and Moji! so excited! even if it means no blogging or facebook during weekends. so i'll just be seeing you all next monday. ^_^

how about you? what's your most favorite day of the week?

p.s. cuteness is still in at 30. i made this cute little coffee hugger. ^_^

have a happy weekend everyone!


I was browsing through Nichole's new post and followed a link to a story about a family's special project in improving a local school in their home. The story is very inspiring and makes me wanna spread more love and blessings to everyone. Follow the Travelingtribe and be touched by their story too.


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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging note at Travelingmama! It meant SO much to me! Really- so very much! Thank you for spreading the word about our project too! It has been an exciting time and we are looking forward to getting started! Best wishes from Morocco!