Thursday, February 15, 2018

BlythePH Christmas Party 2017

Hello lovelies! It's been a while.

For my return, I'll be sharing with you photos of these lovely girls and boys who attended the Blythe Christmas Party last December 9, 2017. Yay!

This was the 2nd time I attended a Blythe Meet up. The 1st was a Halloween Party. It was a very fun experience because I got to know more people who love collecting, customizing, sewing for and playing with Blythe dolls. I also got to know more about these cute little dolls.

We just met in a cafe inside a quiet mall and played with our dolls there. There were gifts and raffle prizes too!
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"Are you ready to see the pics?"

"Uhh... Yeah..."

Let's begin then!

 I made these crocheted cowls as give aways to the early birds because I ran out of time to make some more for the other girls.

I brought my Charlotte (Charlotte des Fleurs) and Enya (Lavender Hugs) to the party. Charlotte was wearing a Dolly Jane dress and a cute Marc Vandro headdress. Enya's lovely gown was from Vandro and her hat from Bambi.

My girls with Snoe (Snowflake Sonata) and a custom boy by Vandro.

Ms. Noreen's lovely girls

Cute customized girls ...

... with their customized brothers (or handsome boyfriends, I am not so sure which is true).

More lovely girls

And there's Merida (I'd like to call her that). These girls got thick and luscious hair. They're not stock but they are so beautiful. Michael takes real good care of them. He sews real nice too.

 These lovelies are rocking the crocheted reindeer hats.

We also met these lovely Santas. 

And... these Kenner Blythes...

... the grail dolls.

 Isn't she beautiful?

 Group shot of the ones who stayed behind until past 6pm.

This is me with my girls and the 2nd prize - Rainy Days outfit set. Yay!

And Vandro won the grand prize!  Dainty Meadow, a Middie Blythe.

These are more 'loots' after the party. Some are gifts, some are raffle prizes. The dress and blouses are from Vandro. The hat from Bambi. The headband from Charlie. The necklace from Nina.

These aren't all the pictures I took that day, of course. And there are more dolls that I wasn't able to capture. But these pictures are enough to show how much fun it was to play with friends and new acquaintances. 

Before the event ended, another meet up was scheduled. I hope I could attend the next one. It's a Prom. And there will be a Prom King & Queen! <3 p="">


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