Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Dollies and Friends Meet Up / Mini Doll Convention 2017

Hey lovelies!

I was in heaven last February. It was my first doll convention experience and it was WOW! Do you know that feeling when you are surrounded by beautiful things and by the people who created it? I was floating the whole day. It was surreal!

This post is loaded with photos because I want to share with you what was heaven like.

These are my girls that I brought with me. Alexis Emerald was wearing a Dolly Jane's dress. I love it!

 These blythes have the prettiest stands! 

These beauties are customized by Nina Alagao.

Some of Dolly Jane's creations. I love her set-up, and her girls! They're all soooo cute!

Miss Beauty Doll 2016 Shawnah Bautista Vasquez was also there. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Barbie collection 

Poppy Parker and Fashion Royalty dolls 

 Disney Animator

Susie dolls by Rudi Teruel

Monster High dolls 

Hot Toys! <3 p="">

 Cholo couture

 Cholo <3 p="">

Marc Vandro couture

Sylvanian Families were also there. 

 Baskin Robbins miniature set-up with Licca/Jenny dolls

Kitchen miniature set-up. The dolls were using the miniature cookbook I gave them. <3 p="">

 A Pullip seamstress in her miniature shop

 Miniature bahay na bato. It was inspired by the house of Dr. Jose Rizal. 
 A miniature four-poster bed inside the bahay na bato
 The miniature bookshelf was inspired by Rizal's cabinet in Intramuros.
Miniature wooden furniture inside the bahay na bato.

 This handmade miniature treehouse is amazing! 

I know for sure that the Ruruko girls love living there.

 And there's also a shopping mall in heaven!

Who wouldn't want to visit this place?

 It has a fitting room for all those beautiful dresses.

 A comfortable stool while waiting for your friend to shop.

 It also has jewelries...

 ... and perfume.

 And lots of signature bags...

 ...and purses.

 With lots of shoes...

 and boots to choose from.

Now, you see why it was heaven?


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