Friday, March 01, 2013

Coptic Stitch Binding and Miniature Books

Hello lovelies!

I made some mini books for my girls.  I accidentally cut a bit of my finger while cutting paper but it's ok.  It's worth it.  Even my little one enjoyed playing with this bookshelf with lots of "boo" (books). I have also made little balls of yarn because I made a mini Crochet book.  My son also played with the "bo" (balls). :-D

And...Hurrah! I just learned a new skill!  I played around with some little bits of paper, a sewing needle and a thread and I finally got how bind using coptic/chain stitch!  I practiced on a mini book.  I haven't tried the technique on a 1:1 scale yet.  But who cares, right? If it worked, it works. lol  I've started listing down projects using this technique! Excited much! :-D 

What skills are you learning or improving on right now?  Share it here and I'll give it a try. We always have to learn something new, right? Have a lovely weekend!

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