Sunday, July 22, 2012

Human Nature

I've read about Human Nature in some fashion blogs I hopped on last Friday.  The company claims that the ingredients they use in their products are biodegradable, at least 95% natural, and come from renewable resource (no petroleum compound).  For me, who has sensitive skin, this is good news!  So I ordered a few just to give it a try.  

I purchased the products pictured above through their website last Friday afternoon. It was shipped almost instantly after paying thru paypal.  They also accept payment through g-cash (wallet to wallet), bank deposit, and credit card.  They emailed me that the package will arrive a day or 2 after the shipment notification.  And true enough, I received the package yesterday (Saturday) morning.  That was less than 24 hours!  Kudos Human Nature and LBC for a very efficient service!

As for the products,  they came sealed and wrapped in a very nice brown box.  The products' packaging materials are also unbelievably beautiful considering the products' prices.  I tried the baby wash and the sunflower beauty oil instantly on my little one's bottom because he has a diaper rash.  His rash is a lot paler now and he no longer reach for it to scratch.  The deet-free bug shield on the other hand has a tolerable scent and Perry didn't show any negative reaction towards it when i used it on him this morning.  The facial wash is for me.  I ordered the smallest bottle because I have to check first if it will suit my skin.  So far, it's good.  My face is not dry nor oily.  I will try to pair it with the sunflower oil during nighttime.

If Perry's rash is totally gone before the week ends,  I'll order their baby lotion.  But for Perry's before and after bath oil, I'm sticking with Aceite de Manzanilla.  It hasn't failed us yet.  Hmmm...I just wondered why I didn't try it on Perry's rash?

Anyway, I'll post updates regarding the effectivity of Human Nature's products on our skin.  I am hoping that I finally found a product line that works for me and my family. :D

P.S. HM does not test products on animals. So, Yay! It's a PLUS fo me!

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