Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animal print fabric and a lazy sunday

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick update...

I saw this cute animal print fabric last Wednesday in our local fabric shop and I was totally smitten.  So I took this photo and showed it to my mom.  I told her, I'd love to turn this into curtains and throw pillowcases.  Then we started measuring.  So last Friday, I finally bought this print in brown and cream and a matching plain cream fabric.  They have a black and white print too but it doesn't suit our house.  Mom loved the fabric too when I brought it home that day.  I'm excited!  She's gonna let me use her sewing machine for this! :D

On the other news, we took care of these 2 little boys last Sunday so my hands were once again tied and full to be taking photos for my treasure post.  That's my sister with her 2 nephews in our backyard.  The weather was hot and humid that day as if it's summer already.  But it's perfect for a lazy day. :D  

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