Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breadcrumbs Project: Day 27 - 31

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 31

Finally I was able to buy some greens today! Yey!

Actually, I pass by the market everytime I go home from work.  But since my little boy's nanny goes home everyday, I couldn't buy groceries after work because I have to be home early - before 6pm, so I have time to shower before I hold my baby.  Plus, I do not want to buy my veggies past 5pm because I want them fresh.  So today, I went to market during my lunchbreak.  I was lucky because everything my suki (fave vendor) has  is fresh!
Here's what I got:
fresh veggies (a head of broccoli, a head of cauliflower, 4 large green bell peppers, 1/4 kl Baguio beans, 100 grams chicharo, 3 medium carrots, 2 large cucumbers, 1 head lettuce, 1/4 kl calamansi, 2 stalks of celery, and a small head of pechay Baguio)  Php 300.00
fresh fruits (3 Fuji apples, 6 ripe sweet mangoes) Php 105.00

Having suki in the market is great because they not only give you the freshest, they also give you discounts! =D I just hope my suki will soon buy alfalfa sprouts coz I really want them for my salad.  Otherwise, I'll be forced to add them to my garden. =D

Topping the day's highlights was my dinner salad (my usual recipe + cubed sweet mango + chopped celery). Yummier! =D

I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow...

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 30  

My sister got back from Cebu and she brought home this cute ukelele toy for my son and my nephew to share aside from the "I [heart] Cebu" top for each of them.  Of course, we (adults) got our favorite treats too - dried mango, Rosquillos, and dangit!

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 29

Today, my Lolo Primo was laid to rest in out town cemetery.  It was a sad day because we will surely miss Lolo.  But Lola Tindeng was happy to see her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, and her pamangkins (nephews and nieces) all gathered in her house.  She has been taking Lolo's death very well and I admire her so much for that.

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 28

BIG day. Two of my cousins tied the knot today - one in Laguna and the other one in Cebu.  I was able to attend the reception of Ate Imee and Carmelo's wedding.  My sister attended that of Niño and Sam's in Cebu.  I wish I was there too but circumstances did not permit.  

Also, I get to be a Godmother to Lyka May in the afternoon.  I have wanted this since she was born.  Isn't RC great?  Children have different Godparents for baptism and confirmation meaning they get more gifts on Christmas! hee hee  =D

Breadcrumbs Project : Day 27

Saturday is going to be a very busy day.  My brother, who is now the manager of our restaurant, has 2 catering services.  He is catering the wedding of our cousin Imee in the morning. When I got home from work today (Friday), he asked me to make menu/dishes labels and table numbers for tomorrow's event.  In times like this, I'm so glad that I have lots of papers and other craft materials at home.  I did the easiest and fastest design and I was finished by midnight.  Yes, it took me that long because I had to feed my baby from time to time. I felt really great because I was able to craft again. =D

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